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RC.Budaka TUNES Rob Carlton Budaka colaberation

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Music has forever been about unique sounds, collaborations and exploring new combinations of creativity that roam down every possible avenue in search of that incredible breakthrough.  Such has been the case for both Rob Carlton (Guitars) and Budaka (Vocals), coming together as a unified two-piece after having played & practiced for years before discovering the authentic sound they have when combining their musical forces as RC Budaka.

By drawing on the powerful riffs and tones of RC’s guitar, this duo has become an excellent display of classic-style songwriting built solidly for today’s modern world.  The first released single from RC Budaka hit the internet in 2014, called “Sweet Medicine,” features a complete sample of the creativity and combination of these two artists that highlights their own unique style of songwriting and their skilled musicianship.  With a familiar feel and warm textures and tones through both the music and the vocals; RC Budaka is making music that the people out there can easily relate to.

That comfortable feeling found in the music is merely a reflection of the comfort level found between these two players playing together and bringing this music to vibrant life.  Each of these two have stood solidly on their own for years, but have even found themselves in awe of just how much harmony they’ve found together in the RC Budaka project and they’re ready to take it to the next level. 

With their hearts, souls and skills dedicated to their new music, the possibilities for the sound of RC Budaka to exist in today’s world are endless.  They have the ability to thrill, entertain and genuinely connect with any size audience and have an adaptable sound that’s completely rare to find out there in music today; this music virtually fits anywhere and truly belongs everywhere.

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