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Sweet Medicine

Sweet medicine is the first single released by collaborating Musicians Rob carlton and BUDAKA


“Sweet Medicine” Performed by RC.Budaka
Lyrics & Vocals: Budaka Jones
Music Arrangement / Guitar: Rob Carlton
Production Engineering / Bass / Keys: Bob Colwell.
Drums: Jonathan Turner
Recorded at The Root Cellar Studio Hallowell, Maine


“Sweet Medicine” is a mellow, middle ground rock tune with groove.
The song came to life in an organic fashion in rehearsal. Rob Carlton had a riff and an arrangement that had a Lou Reed feel. Budaka Jones improvised lyrics coming up with the chorus Sweet Medicine. Budaka’s original intent was to sing about how a women can be good medicine for a man’s soul. Budaka later penned the verses and chorus as a double meaning singing about medical marijuana in way as if singing about a lady. RC.Budaka at the time were scheduled to headline The 45th Anniversary of WoodStock at HempFest in Stockholm, Maine on September 19th, 2014. BUDAKA felt it would be a good opportunity to create an anthem or homage to the medicinal properties that many benefit from along with the thought to create a song specifically for the festival.
RC.Budaka advocates sobriety and non-drug use and they know the dangers that can come from using substances to self medicate. However in this new era as medical marijuana has become more and more socially acceptable and is scientifically proven to cure disease and ease pain, RCB were comfortable with releasing a song that was about a drug that Mother Nature gave to mankind to improve quality of life.
In the Root Cellar Studio in Hallowell, Maine the song took on a life of its own.
Bob Colwell’s approach and recording techniques served the song well. Ultimately, RCB and Colwell crafted a mellow song track that is easy to listen to and has a nice groove.
“Sweet Medicine” is the first single released by collaborating musicians Rob Carlton and BUDAKA. The release date was August 8, 2014 on CD Baby.

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